Friday, August 04, 2006


Sorry to be away so long. I have had some technical problems with the server that was hosting my videos. I finally discovered YOUTUBE.COM that makes things much easier for me. Now you can come to this site and seee what's new, or you can just go directly to youtube and look for my new videos.
Just a word of caution about youtube. It's a great website that allows anyone to post their own videos to the net. It works perfectly for what I want to do. It also is supposed to be able to monitor the content that is posted and reject anything objectionable. Unfortunately it has become very popular very quickly and it seems as if the filters have not always able to keep up with the contenet.
I will always post links here first to my new videos, so the easiest way to find my new stuff is to come here first. If you want to search for me on the youtube site you can just type in "hit the bricks" under the search site and you can find my videos there. While you may get a lot of different hits under this search, you will know my videos because they will start with "Hit The Bricks" .
Enjoy! and thanks for watching!


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